May Weekend Course Application Form

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1. What you need to know

  • May Weekend Courses are non-residential. This course will take place at Oxford International College.
  • Students need to be 14 years or over on the first day of the course.
  • Students can study one subject or paper per day.
  • Your exam board for each subject, for example AQA, Edexcel or OCR.
  • GCSE/IGCSE tier level for each subject (Higher or Foundation).
  • IB tier level for each subject (Higher or Standard, or Studies for Maths).
  • For A-Level subjects you will need to know the paper you would like to focus on and the course code for your selected exam board (these are listed for you to select from).
  • For A-Level Maths, you will need to select a specific class from the following list.
  • Although the majority are, not all subjects are board specific.
  • Should you receive an error message upon submission, please do not resubmit your application. Instead, please save a copy and contact us on info@oxss.co.uk, we should then be able to confirm receipt.

Please provide an email address so we can correspond with you.


2. Course Dates

Please select the total number of days you want to book. We currently have availability on all dates.

Please choose the specific dates you wish to attend. If possible, choose an alternative date to make sure that we can book you in.

Preferred dates Alternative dates
Saturday 9th May 2020
Sunday 10th May 2020
Saturday 16th May 2020
Sunday 17th May 2020

3. Subjects

Choose subjects in order of preference - you can can spend more than one day on the same subject.
If the subject you wish to book is not listed, please request it in the space provided
(please also state if the student is re-sitting the subject).

GCSE/IGCSE and IB Subjects »
Subject options
Request unlisted subject / notes

Units and Topics: Science, English and Geography (GCSE/IGCSE)

If you have chosen any of these subjects please provide detailed information about the units and topics you wish to cover. We have listed most options for most exam boards. If you are unsure which options to choose we suggest that you check with your school.


Please note we do not offer IGCSE CIE double award science.

Are you studying the dual or triple award (2 or 3 GCSEs)?

If you are studying OCR Science, is it Gateway or 21st Century?

Please specify which modules/papers to be revised

GCSE English



GCSE Geography

For new Geography specifications, only the compulsory topics will be covered, rather than the optional topics too. Please select the paper/component you wish to study by specifying the paper/component number in the notes section next to the relevant choice above.

A-LEVEL Subjects »
Subject options Notes/alternative option/confirmation of school year

4. Additional Information

Revision CDs

Students may take home specially commissioned CDs on completion of the course, containing around 400 GCSE or A-Level exam questions and answers (£10 each).

GCSE Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
A-Level Physics 
GCSE Maths
A-Level Maths 
GCSE Geography
A-Level Business Studies 
A-Level Biology
A-Level Economics 
A-Level Chemistry
A-Level Geography 

5. Accommodation

May Weekend Courses are non-residential. Our Christmas, Easter and Summer Courses are residential, see the Oxford Science Studies home page for availability.

6. Student Details

First name:*


Date of birth:*





Medical Conditions and Allergies

Please provide information about any medical conditions or allergies that may affect the student whilst on the course. This information is particularly important in case of an emergency.

Medical conditions:




Dietary requirements

If the student has specific dietary needs please describe them here. We aim to cater for most dietary requirements, for example, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, non-dairy, halal etc.

Dietary needs:


Educational needs

Please also give details of any educational needs, such as dyslexia, or any other information that may affect the student's learning.

Educational needs:


Permission for Photographs and Video Interviews

Our staff may take photographs or short video interviews of students for the use in promotional material and our website and facebook pages. Group photographs are made available to all students free of charge.

Student Authorisation

Students may need to make decisions regarding their course, and the subjects they are studying whilst on the course (and also during the booking process). You can authorise the student to make these kind of decisions by ticking the box.

Evening Entertainment Programme

This applies to residential courses only and is compulsory for any student under the age of 16.

As the legal parent/guardian of this student, I give permission for them to engage in the scheduled activities provided in the Evening Entertainment Programme (ENTZ). I understand that all activities are undertaken at the participant’s own risk and have no reason to believe that this student should not be physically fit and able to participate. Any medical conditions/allergies that may be of relevance are listed above.

I understand that activities involved in the ENTZ programme may include, but are not exclusive to; sports activities such as Football or Zumba classes, arts and crafts such as Tie Dye or Cupcake Decorating, Pamper nights including mini manicures and offsite trips.

I understand that on any offsite trip, this student may have the opportunity to wander freely, without a member of staff directly with them, e.g. to explore shops of their choosing. On such occasion, rules and stipulations will be put in place by the OXSS team.

If I have any concerns regarding the ENTZ programme, I am aware that I can email OXSS directly regarding this.

Click the Continue button to review your application (you can return to this page to make changes).

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A Level Courses

A Level Reform

Since September 2015 the way A levels are taught in school has been changing. The new qualifications will offer AS and A levels as separate one and two year courses (AS results will no longer count towards an A level).

The changes are being be phased in, with different subjects changing to the new specification each September. For further information click here go to the government website.

We currently offer the following subjects with the new qualification - some subjects may be limited in terms of availability:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • Government and Politics
  • History
  • Maths
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Religious Studies
  • Psychology
  • Spanish

If you want to study the new A level qualification for any of these subjects choose New A Level Qualifications from the list of A Level Courses, below.

If you want to study the new Advanced Subsidiary (AS) qualification for any of these subjects choose New AS Qualifications from the list.

If you want to study for an existing AS/A2 subject choose All other A level subjects from the list.